GOTO Chicago 2020

Tuesday Apr 28
13:30 –
Room 8
Wednesday Apr 29
11:00 –
Room 8

Server Driven UI on Mobile


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Server-side UI rendering is a common pattern found on websites, but what does it mean to create a server driven UI experience for mobile apps? One of the main challenges of modern mobile apps is the level of customization we want to offer customers based on context. Different users have different needs, and we want to be able to give them a more personalized experience.

However, trying to duplicate that business logic across your various frontends becomes exponentially more difficult to manage with the more features you add. We can solve for some of those issues with a server driven UI solution.

In this talk I'll go over:

  • Some of the motivations around why you would want to write server driven code.
  • What a server driven UI experience looks like for a mobile client.
  • How you can incrementally integrate server driven UI code
  • Other benefits of server driven UI
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