GOTO Chicago 2020

Thursday Apr 30
09:00 –
Partner Room 10

John Deere Operation Center - Hands-on Lab

Our farmers today face an immense challenge of how to feed a growing world sustainably with fewer resources. To do this farmers are using large amounts of data collected from their fields to make decisions on what crop variety to plant, when and where to spray fertilizer/pesticides, amongst many other important factors. John Deere provides a rich ecosystem for farmers to upload, visualize, and analyze their data.

This data can also be shared with our partner organizations and agronomists whose applications interact with our services via our APIs. To begin with we’ll go over a quick demonstration on how farmers can utilize our applications, such as Operations Center, to make decisions. After that we’ll switch over to a hands on lab where you will be able to interact with the data using our API’s as if you were an external application and how you can contribute in this process to build Agronomic Application. You are expected to learn about geographic information system (GIS), API and OAuth in this process.

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