Chaos Engineering Deep Dive
GOTO Chicago 2018

Chaos Engineering Deep Dive

Friday Apr 27
09:00 –
Room 204

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SYNOPSIS: Chaos Engineering is a relatively new term for a practice that has been successfully applied by some of the largest and most complex production systems for some time. If you’re working with large-scale, complex systems (see: Microservices and distributed systems in general) then you will likely benefit from building confidence in your systems using the Chaos Engineering approach.

Chaos Engineering is an empirical discipline for defining experiments where the weaknesses of a complex, or even chaotic, system can be explored, discovered and eventually rectified. Most frequently practiced in Production, Chaos Engineering helps you learn about your system so that it can be continuously improved in the face of current and future conditions.

In this workshop Russ Miles, CEO at, will show you how to effectively apply Chaos Engineering at all levels of your company, from production through to the organisation of your teams.


  • Establish an culture, practice, architecture and design that is ready for Chaos Engineering.
  • Design, Build and Execute careful and controlled Chaos Engineering experiments to learn about weaknesses in your complex production systems.
  • Apply different levels of experiments to learn about different weaknesses.
  • Explore real-world examples and samples to see the concepts of Chaos Engineering in action


  • No prerequisites are required to get full value out of this course. The samples and practical examples explored use the Chaos Toolkit and work upon a system that comprises Kubernetes as the platform and Spring Boot/Cloud/Java as the sample implementation but no prior knowledge of these technologies is expected.