Build Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm
GOTO Chicago 2018

Build Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Friday Apr 27
09:00 –
Room 202

Build your own 3-node Swarm cluster in AWS and deploy distributed apps to it, then break it, troubleshoot, and learn!

Who is this workshop for? DevOps engineers, those working in container operations, and anyone needing to deploy containers to production and manage them with the Docker toolset.

Prerequisite knowledge A working knowledge of Docker. You are familiar with Docker images and containers, and have created Dockerfiles and hopefully Compose files in some fashion (compose experience isn’t required but will help). You understand the basic commands and purpose behind them.

Materials or downloads needed in advance All work will be done through remote servers, so no need to install Docker locally. You’ll need a laptop with an SSH program installed (we’ll also have a web-based Docker tool if you don’t/can’t use SSH).

What you'll learn Learn how to build a multi-node, secure Docker Swarm cluster and how to deploy and manage a multi-container, highly available microservice app inside a cluster Gain hands-on experience with daily and intermediate-level tasks a container cluster operator deals with and an understanding of production security and troubleshooting options for Docker

Description Take your containers into production and operate Docker clusters like a pro. This workshop skips Docker basics and avoids the CI/CD tools needed to get code ready for production. Rather, it focuses squarely on the ops tools and techniques of daily building and operating container clusters using Docker.

Starting where previous Docker 101 workshops leave off, Bret Fisher and Laura Frank will help you dive into the new Swarm mode clustering (aka Docker Services), failover, rolling updates, monitoring, logging, troubleshooting, and security, and cover the latest built-in features and common third-party tools.

You’ll do all this on your own 5-node AWS cluster for the day!