Serverless Kubernetes with OpenFaaS
GOTO Chicago 2019

Serverless Kubernetes with OpenFaaS

Wednesday May 1
09:00 –
795.00 USD

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This masterclass introduces how to build, deploy and run Serverless Functions on Kubernetes using OpenFaaS and Python. OpenFaaS is one of the most popular Open Source frameworks on the Cloud Native Landscape.

The format is an introduction followed by self-paced learning through around a dozen hands-on labs with support from your instructor and TA. Throughout the day you’ll also see live demos with Kubernetes and be able to ask any questions you may have.

We start by deploying OpenFaaS to your laptop with Docker for Mac or Windows or a remote Kubernetes cluster and then learn how to build, deploy and invoke Serverless functions written in Python or from the Function Store.

Topics will include: managing dependencies with pip, dealing with API tokens through secure secrets, monitoring functions with Prometheus, asynchronous invocation and chaining functions together to create workflows and auto-scaling.

Our use-case is to build a GitHub bot which automatically responds to issues through the use of sentiment analysis. The same method could be applied by connecting to a large variety of online event-streams through This exercise will enable you to build bots, auto-responders and integrations with social media, Jenkins pipelines and IoT devices.

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