Effective collaboration for world beating teams
GOTO Chicago 2019

Effective collaboration for world beating teams

Wednesday May 1
09:00 –
795.00 USD

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Over 2 years of research, 180 teams and some 1500 people, Google researchers studied the question “What makes a team effective?”

They discovered the 5 key indicators of effective teams at Google: impact, meaning, structure and clarity, dependability and psychological safety. But, what’s more, they found that psychological safety underpinned the other 4; teams without psychological safety were significantly impaired.

This workshop explores each of the five key indicators with a focus on how you can apply Google’s (and other research) to your organisation. Focusing on increasing your awareness of safety (or the lack of it) it will help you to create the right environment at work to help your teams' deliver reliably.

Combining the latest available research with an engaging and energetic style, you will gain a deep understanding of your own levels of psychological safety. And, most importantly, how this affects your ability collaborate effectively.

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