Tuesday Apr 30
16:20 –

Embracing the Future in a Multi-Platform World: A Kotlin Story

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So you know Kotlin, but you aren’t sure you’re utilizing it to its full potential across platforms?

If you’re not sure about what Coroutines really have to offer or if you want to share your business logic between Android and other platforms, this session is your next step to becoming a Kotlin expert and your lesson on how to thrive in a multi-language world.

In this session, you’ll learn how to write a multiplatform utility class that can be shared between platforms.

Who should attend this talk: This talk is for mobile developers and people who work with them. We'll talk about the ability to develop code that runs on both Android an iOS.

Academic level: Intermediate

What is the take away in this talk: We'll take a look at new opportunities to share code between Android and iOS.