GOTO Chicago 2019

Sunday Apr 28
13:00 –

MASTERCLASS (3 hours): Design Sprint Workshop

The promise of the Design Sprint is simple — and valuable. In just five days, you can learn whether an idea is worthwhile or not. Instead of devoting months of production work to a building an MVP, this process helps you validate a product concept much more quickly and move forward with those insights.

The Google Design Sprint process was developed by the company's investment arm, Google Ventures, to quickly assess whether an idea was worthy of their funding. Designers now use this framework to help companies at all stages of the product development process validate their work and build with confidence.

In this hands on Design Sprint Workshop, we'll introduce some of the core concepts of Design Thinking. Then, you'll learn the skills to bring new ideas to life and put them in front of users in one work week. We'll walk you through each step of the Product Design Sprint Process, from brainstorming, to prototyping, to testing on real users, to synthesizing the results, so you can bring a new level of proof to all of your projects.

A masterclass is taught by a master of the discipline, and is a very practical deep dive talk into a topic.

Mark Rickmeier
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